Joryn Looked Up

Joryn Looked Up, a picture book for children (and parents) shows us that change can be scary but it can also be a good thing. Join the journey of Joryn the kangaroo as he learns to open his heart to the new experiences that come with growing up.

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Kickstarter Coming Soon

Our second book is about families and is currently in the editing and illustration phase. We will be running a Kickstarter for this book in the fall of 2017.

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Publishing Services

Looking to write your own book? We can help you with every step, from editing to formatting to publishing and printing.

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Reading a book is a great opportunity to teach a child something new, whether you teach them about science, reading, or about better ways to treat their neighbors. All of our books at Rookery Bookery provide a chance for our young readers to learn and grow.


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