Our Approach

Our Story

Karla Moeller is a biologist and writer living in Arizona. Sabine Deviche is a traveling artist and designer. They were both creating materials for the educational program Ask A Biologist when they started their first children's book together. Love of nature, education, and travel guides all of their shared projects.

Our Story

Our Vision

We seek to create children's books that include both a moral and interesting information about our world. We hope to inspire interest in the natural world and in the benefits of diversity within our own communities.

Meet the Team

We are always looking for interested artists and writers to join our team and help us make a difference.

Karla Moeller

Founder, Writer, Mediocre PR Specialist

When Karla isn't writing, she's usually on a backpacking trip, doing field research, or out playing on the water.

Sabine Deviche

Illustrator & Publishing Guru

When Sabine isn't creating illustrations, she's usually training in Brazilian Jujitsu, learning a new program, or out walking in nature.

See where it all started...

Above all, our team is devoted to educating people of all ages... there are so many interesting things to learn about this wonderful world we live in! Visit the website where the Rookery Bookery team was formed.